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About Us:

In the dynamic business scenario of the contemporary times, there have been many revolutionary changes in the way business is conducted globally The Indian economic scenario has changed in the recent past. The market is becoming very competitive and demanding. The companies need to price their product at the right cost and superlative quality to make it viable for them to be in the race. To keep up to this varying scenario it becomes imperative to have the right skilled workforce at the right time and at right price. We, at Ananya understand this and partner with our clients to make the best workforce available to them with our unique staffing methodology.
Over the years, it has been proved time and again that Ananya has served to cut down costs dramatically for the HR departments as the best available workers in a specific can be recruited by outsourcing this primary function to experts qualified for the job.

Why Ananya:

Advantages of Ananya can be enumerated as below:

   Ananya is the best way to find the most suitable candidate as per the job descriptions and requirements through the usage of targeted surveys, upgraded technology and software support systems. The database access achieved by Ananya is far superior in comparison to in-house HR recruitment data banks and provides appropriate skills and professional qualification matches in an expert way.
   Properly conducted Ananya leads to the growth of an organization as the information given to third party agencies are utilized to the maximum in finding the best available results in the industry. The overall cost of the in house HR department goes down, and this adds to the bottom line, not to mention a more qualified and skilled set of personnel getting attached to the organization and increasing its net worth in an indirect manner.
   The associates and the third party consultant associated with Ananya add value to the organizations that take up their services. These specialists have a firsthand experience about the current job market and are very efficient in estimating the client needs and providing the right solutions. Ananya indirectly adds to the knowledge banks as the consultants are well versed with employment laws and act as advisors to businessmen in more areas than recruitment or job related solutions.
   Ananya provides the scope of multiple payment modes to the client and flexibility in paying for recruitment services. A well designed Ananya function allows scope of negotiation due to greater volumes of transaction with the outsourced recruitment agency.
The benefits and advantages of Ananya are many, and Corporations worldwide are increasingly adopting it to add value to their employee and talent pool.

"At Ananya we believe in making things happen and do not wait for the things to happen."

  • GOA: 202 304, unitech city centre M.G Road, Panjim-Goa. 403001
  • Ph. 0832- 6655941-44 Fax: 0832- 6655940
  • PUNE: Kakde Building 2184, 2nd Floor East Side, Opp. Canara Bank, Near Viswa Hotel, Sadashiv Peth, Pune-411030
  • Ph. 020- 65220330 / 65220440
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